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もり だいすけ DAISUKE MORI 大阪府出身 12月10日生まれ



2004年、ATLANTIC LABELからシングル「TRUST ME」、翌年アルバム「OPUS ONE」でシンガーソングライターとしてプロデビュー。耳馴染の良い音作りでありながら、プロ・ミュージシャンをも唸らせる熟成された音楽性と、澄んだ甘い歌声、演奏力は玄人・素人の区別なく注目を浴びる。デビュー時から作詞・作曲・編曲のすべてを担う。


楽曲提供で関わったアーティストたちは、MISIA、ゴスペラーズ、久保田利伸といった大御所から、KinkiKids、King & Prince、KAT-TUN、Sexy Zoneといったジャニーズ系、最近では氷川きよし、松下洸平等々の面々も加わり、更に幅を広げている。(※Works参照)




Daisuke Mori began playing classical piano at age 3, and continued to polish his talent and technique in piano until his graduation from a university majoring in music. After being introduced to pop music in middle school, he began writing his own music as well.

Daisuke made his professional debut as a musician in 2004 with the single, ”TRUST ME” from ATLANTIC LABEL as a singer songwriter. He released his first album, OPUS ONE the year after. Both casual and hardcore music fans praised the music as something that is easy to listen to, but highly sophisticated even for veteran musicians. He was also praised for his sweet and clear voice, and his performance skills. Since his debut, Daisuke has written the lyrics, music, and arrangement for all his releases.

As Daisuke worked on his unique live performances series which he named “Mori no Ongakukai” (10 in total), he released four albums before 2016. (see: Discography) Although he is widely known as a singer, he has also gained the spotlight as a songwriter, lyricist, and for his music arrangement skill since his debut, and therefore has worked as a creator as well as being a performer.

He has been a part of the music creation for big name artists such as MISIA, Gospellers, Toshinobu Kubota, as well as Johnny’s idol groups such as Kinki Kids, King & Prince, KAT-TUN, and Sexy Zone. Recently, he has written for a broader range of artists such as Kiyoshi Hikawa and Ryohei Matsushita. (see: Works)

In 2017, he wrote a brand new list of songs for the musical Boku no shinda hi wa hare” featuring Rinko Urashima as the lead actress. Through this success, he went on to become the music director for pieces such as ”BACKBEAT”, which is based on when The Beatles got together, a historical play ”Koi-Moyuru”, a Yoshimoto Comedic Play ”Greatest na Shouman”, and ”Janis”, a musical where Janis Joplin looks back at her own life, the stage of “FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST”, which is Japanese Manga masterpiece, music direction for the Japanese dubbed version of Disney’s 100th anniversary movie “Wish”, In recent years, Daisuke has become more and more popular as a music director as well.

Daisuke Mori is now recognized as a lyricist, songwriter, song arranger, producer, band leader and player for musical performances, music director of musicals, and multiple other roles. For the future, he plans to continue working for other projects as well as working on his solo work and concerts.


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